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BackPax and the Common Core: a teacher's guide to curriculum enrichment using BackPax "Adventures in Learning" -- a 10-title cross-cultural book-and-audio series.

Table of Contents    


Common Core State Standards: Goals    
How BackPax: Adventures in Learning supports the goals   

Reading: What the Standards say    
How BackPax: Adventures correlate    

Writing: What the Standards say    
How BackPax: Adventures correlate    

Speaking &Listening: What the Standards say 

How BackPax: Adventures correlate    

Language: What the Standards say    
How BackPax: Adventures correlate    

Media &Technology: What the Standards say   How BackPax: Adventures correlate    

Standard 10: Range, Quality and Complexity: What the Standards say    

How BackPax: Adventures correlate    

Correlation Chart: BackPax BOOKS    
Correlation Chart: BackPax AUDIOS    

Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, &Technical Subjects: 
What the Standards say    
How BackPax: Adventures correlate    

ABOUT BackPax   
The BackPax: Adventures in Learning Program

for educators.

​​​From the introduction:

​The series was born of Dr. Adams' need, as a parent, to offer her twin daughters and their friends materials to inform, inspire, enrich, and respect their lives as children of diverse backgrounds....  


In an intensive three-year period of Research and Development, audio and book content was tested and re-tested on parents, teachers, and librarians.  Adams called on her mother, Muriel L. Tuitt, for expertise. Then Project Director of the Co-op City Educational Park, Mrs. Tuitt was in touch with leading educators worldwide.  In 1971, the Park—a partnership of the New York City Board of Education and Harvard University—launched in response to demands to end de facto segregation in New York City’s public schools.  The Park had, as its mission: crossing demographic divides to bring together a student body diverse in race and ethnicity.  As the nation’s first educational park, the 25-acre campus of three elementary schools, two middle schools, and a high school with its own planetarium was sited on the grounds of the world’s largest cooperative housing development.  A master educator charged with developing the educational concept and shaping its curriculum, Mrs. Tuitt was known for her mantra: “Tell me, I listen.  Teach me, I learn.  Involve me, I understand.”  In 1986, she took on the role of Educational Consultant to BackPax.  Today, her mantra remains at the root of the BackPax approach. BackPax audios tell the story; our books teach the subject; our games and clubs involve children in the experience.
       From this base, BackPax: Adventures in Learning has emerged as a premiere supplemental and enrichment program designed to bring life to the content areas with materials that:
       *  enhance and engage student reading, writing, and listening skills;
       *  encourage critical thinking;
       *  stimulate creativity and independence;
       *  reinforce mandated national curriculum standards;
       *  foster positive attitudes in multicultural studies . . .