+ Anyone who can dial a US telephone number should be able to dial our call-in line.  Local phone charges may apply.  
​+ Our meetings are in English, for now.   Apologies to our friends speaking other world languages.

Post a thought, a picture, or a care any time you like.  Poke friends, old and new, on the community message board.  (But, not to worry.  The BackPax message board is strictly for members-only and monitored.)

From Malawi and Mali to Massachusetts. From Trinidad and Tobago to Toronto or Trafalgar Square . . . jump into a circle of friends. "Show your motion." Share the fun of getting together.

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(co-hosted by a Special Guest Junior Editor and a editor)

Go global: we are the world . . . 

​​​​Our global monthly phone-in meetings bring kids together to share activities and thoughts on the month's theme and these core BackPax principles:  

   * courage

   * creativity

   * critical thinking

   * non-violent conflict   resolution 

   * mutual respect

   * a love of adventure

   * a sense of humor, and

   * fun!