krik krak! trinidad and tobago.

An authentic BackPax AudioJourney for children 8+ 

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Jump Up!  It's Carnival time in the Caribbean island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, and BackPax takes you there.  "Lend hand" with the fishermen at sea. Thrill to the storytellers' art from this Caribbean island nation - birthplace of "pan" (the steel drum).  Features Paul Keens-Douglas, the dean of Trinidadian storytelling.

30-minute live-action audio recorded on-location  in  Trinidad and Tobago.  Produced with state-of-the-art audio drama technique.

Trinidad and Tobago, jewel of the Caribbean, just north of South America.  It's the land where the steel drum, “pan,” was invented; where Jombies and spirits thrill the imagination, and Ananci – that mythical, magical spider – spins his wondrous story web. 

Dance to the steel bands, listen to the griots’ tales, “lend hand” with the fishermen in Tobago, jump into the circle of life, “show your motion” with the Ring Games of children at play, and meet Kenneth, our 12-year-old pen pal. It’s all here in a live-action visit to the land of Carnival!  So jump up!  Celebrate, and listen as master storyteller, Paul Keens-Douglas of Trinidad tells the history of "pan" in his own special way.

Hear a sample:

1     Brer Tacoma in Trouble
2     Krik Krak, Monkey Break He Back
3     Show Your Motion
4     Pan Rap
5     Lend Hand in Tobago
6     My-Yaya of Toco
7     Message from a Pen Pal
8     The Strange Case of Mama Malady
9     Children, See the Light

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