An authentic BackPax Book and AudioJourney for children 8+ 

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This authentic journey to the moon and US space sites features actual NASA  communications between orbiting astronauts and Mission Control; a visit to the Johnson Space Center, and a children's rocket club in Montana. 


35-minute live-action audio recorded live on-location  in  Texas, Florida, Montana, and Outer Space!   Produced in cooperation with NASA

Turn on your audio player and fasten your seat belts.  Our mission is a Journey to the Moon... and Beyond.  From launch to Neal Armstrong's historic landing on the moon. Glimpse a view of our earthly home planet from the stars. Return, re-entry, and splashdown with actual NASA astronauts and Mission Control as your guide.  Back on earth, tour Houston's Johnson Space Center, McDonald Observatory, a children's rocket club in Montana that launches its own rockets, and meet the "fastest man on earth."  Travel through time the way astronomers do - by reaching for the stars.  

Hear a sample:

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1     Countdown
2     Lift Off
3     Outer Space
4     Landing on the Moon
5     The Return

6     Touring Mission Control: Johnson Space Center
7      Advances in Flight
8     Montana Rocket Club
9     The Fastest Man on Earth: Dr. John Stapp

10   Space Future: MacDonald Observatory

moon... and beyond.