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For Black History Month and all year long.


Escape to Freedom on the Underground Railroad

board game, book & audio set 

$59.95 & up

24-page full color book

Follow the trail of the UGRR through daring escapes and surprising feats of courage and creativity. The Henson children's historic escape with their parents. The Roach sisters' diary following fast-fading UGRR routes.  Passwords and passage ways; decoding the Spirituals; articles, survival skills, astronomy, glossary, and more.

Read the book. Listen to the audio.  Play the board game and -- in the language of the Spirituals -- "steal away" (escape) to freedom on the Underground Railroad in age-appropriate detail. It's an amazing saga of courageous men, women, and children united in the cause of human rights and justice.  Best of all, it's true, thought-provoking, and fun! 

STEAL AWAY: Escape to Freedom on the Underground Railroad.

STEAL AWAY: select format

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Game board, 54-card deck, 28 place-markers, 4 pawns, 1 die, instructions.

Playing time:  approx. 1 hour

Unique cooperative board gamefor up to 4 players.  Dare the heart-pounding escape from slavery to freedom with help from the UGRR -- that secret network of safehouses, stationmasters, signs, signals, and codes.  Then, true to the history, reach out to help others left behind before time runs out. Fun for ages 9 and older.  

40-minute live-action audiojourney 

recorded on-location at the actual UGRR sites where history was made.  Plus a visit with Harriet Tubman's great-grandniece.  All aboard!