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1     The Rabbit and the Coyote, a traditional tale
2     Welcome to Mexico City's Museo Nacional de Antropología
3     The Story of Quetzalcoatl
4     Ancient Scribes: Toltecs and Mixtecs
5     The Great Aztec Calendar
6     Nature's Horns
7     El Tepozteco and the Mountain Ogre
8     Grasshopper's Hill
9     Words and Sounds
10   Old Ways New
11   The Man of the Seven Colors 

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An authentic BackPax AudioJourney for children 8+ 

Downloadable MP3, illustrated Listening Guide, do-it-yourself Poster


A calendar built of stone.  A pyramid with four stairways and 365 landings.  Treasures of Ancient Mexico, a civilization three thousand years old.  And BackPax takes you there.

30-minute live-action audio recorded in Mexico

Produced with state-of-the-art audio drama technique.

Follow in the footsteps of the ancients along this labyrinth through time at Mexico’s National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropologia). Learn about the ancient Mexica (known today as the “Aztecs”) who built Mexico City in the middle of a lake. 

Decode the pictographic writings of the Mixtecs and secrets of the giant stone tablet revered the world over as the “Aztec Calendar.” Discover Mexican folklore, the mystical music of the conch shells, the pyramids of Tenochtitlan; the legend of Quetzalcoatl, the birds of Tula – treasures, all, of ancient Mexico. 

Recorded on location in Cuernavaca, Mexico and at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City with state-of-the-art audio drama techniques.

treasures of ancient mexico.


  • 30-minute  audio recorded on-location in Mexico
  • Listening Guide - 12-page illustrated track-by-track guide​
  • ​Do-it-yourself Poster

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