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An authentic BackPax Book and AudioJourney for children 9+ 

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All Aboard!  Hop aboard this amazing "ride" to the promised land -- freedom. The Underground Railroad: one of history's most extraordinary episodes when people of all ages and backgrounds united in the cause of justice.   And, BackPax takes you there -- following the North Star to the actual scenes where history was made. It's a tale of death-defying courage and conscience. Best of all, it's true!  


40-minute live-action audio recorded at historic sites from the Virginias north to Canada. Produced with state-of-the-art audio drama technique.

Retrace fast-fading Underground Railroad routes via this live-action audio recorded on location from Colonial Williamsburg to Harpers Ferry (site of John Brown's historic raid) and up to "Heaven's Door" (the Canadian border).  Visit the home of that most famous "conductor" of them all - Harriet Tubman; hear stories of her real-life heroism, and meet the great-grandniece who actually knew her historic aunt.  


1    Get on Board, Children, Children
2     Jamestown 1619
3    Slaves Are People Too, She Said
4     An Interview Across Time
5     The Man who bought Himself Three Times

6     Runagate

7     Escape! (In a Spiritual Way)
8     The Oberlin-Wellington Rescue
9     October 1859: John Brown at Harper's Ferry

10   Go Down, Moses: Harriet Tubman

underground railroad.

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