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All Aboard!  Hop aboard this Underground Railroad for an amazing "ride" to the promised land - freedom.   The Underground Railroad: one of history's most amazing episodes when people of all ages and backgrounds united in the cause of justice.   And, BackPax takes you there -  following the North Star to the actual scenes where history was made. It's a tale of death-defying courage.  Best of all, it's true!  

BOOK (not a read-along)

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Follow the "freedom train" as it winds its way across miles and miles of railroad lines without the sight of a track.   A chapter of history unfolds to amaze readers with the intricacy of the plot: daring escapes and surprising feats of courage.   The Henson family's run.  Secret codes, passwords and passageways.  Decoding the Spirituals - musical mysteries. Survival skills, astronomy, glossary, and much more.


40-minute live-action audio recorded at historic sites from the Virginias north to Canada. Produced with state-of-the-art audio drama technique.

Hop aboard the Underground Railroad with this live-action audio recorded on location from Colonial Williamsburg through Harpers Ferry (site of John Brown's historic raid), and up to "Heaven's Door," (the Canadian border) with a side-track to hear thrilling tales of that most famous "conductor" of them all - Harriet Tubman - and to meet her great-grandniece.


1    Get on Board, Children, Children
2     Jamestown 1619
3    Slaves Are People Too, She Said
4     An Interview Across Time
5     The Man who bought Himself Three Times

6     Runagate

7     Escape! (In a Spiritual Way)
8     The Oberlin-Wellington Rescue
9     October 1859: John Brown at Harper's Ferry

10   Go Down, Moses: Harriet Tubman


  • Listening Guide 
  • Janus Adams' NPR commentary on traveling weathered Underground RR routes with her young daughters.

underground railroad.

"They Chose Courage" Photo Credit:  Underground Railroad: Escape to Freedom (c) BackPax