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for parents.

When Janus Adams’ commentary, “Travel Gear,” aired with such packable essentials as the “Get-Lost Guide” and the “Wild-Idea Multidirectional Compass,” listeners called in asking for the book. There was no book then. There is now:  WAY TO GO! The BackPax Parents’ Guide to Empowering Adventurous Young Minds. 

Perfect for parents, grandparents, teachers, homeschoolers, scout leaders, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Jack & Jill’s, and friends; this toolkit comes packed with:

*  5 “em-power” tools

*  50 fun projects

guaranteed to inspire and empower a child who’s going places,  

It’s amazing what can happen when adventurous young minds are free to roam. That’s what this book is about – creating safe spaces for curiosity and creativity where children:
*    dare to dream
*    learn the art of possibility and productive risk-taking
*    build self-confidence 
*    sharpen critical thinking skills
*    enjoy discovery and self-discovery.

For creative home-based getaways, this book the WAY TO GO! Guide children to wondrous expeditions the BackPax way -- by exploring and discovering exciting new worlds with imaginative, smart, fun, affordable Adventures in Learning.™

*    *    *  

Each WAY TO GO! adventure features  to turn home-based fun into "Adventures in Learning."  By making connections between the curriculum and daily life; by recognizing the relationship between art and nature in the beauty of a lightning bug, Adventure #48, for example, correlates with these three curriculum areas:
                     * Learning Resources & Information Technology

                     * Science

                     * Visual Arts


Adventure #48:  Watch Lightning Bugs Spark and Flare

It's a summertime rite of passage. Holes poked in the lid of a jar, kids set off in search of lightning bugs; to watch them spark and flare, then set them loose.  Today, lightning bugs are fast disappearing and kids can help discover why.