iroquois country.

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    The Rabbit Dance
2     Before Columbus Came
3     Tonawanda Seneca
4     A Real Chief​
5     Turtle Stretching
6     Children's Song
7     Six Nations
8     The New Year's Dances
9     Medicine Woman
10   Gift of the Great Spirit

An authentic BackPax AudioJourney for children 8+ 

Downloadable MP3


In a world known as “stretching turtle,” in the north-lands of upstate New York, lives the Tonawanda Seneca Nation, members of the history Iroquois Confederacy.  And BackPax takes you there.  

30-minute live-action audio recorded on-location  in Tonowanda Country.

Produced with state-of-the-art audio drama technique.

In the 1780's, George Washington was faced with the exciting task of envisioning a government for a newly-independent United States.  For inspiration, he drew on the structure of the Iroquois Confederacy with its “Six Nations” as members.   

With this audiojourney to the Tonawanda Seneca Reservation in Iroquois Country, BackPax takes listener/adventurers to the heart and soul of a modern people with an ancient history.  Meet the children and their chief. Share their songs, folklore, history, and laughter. Hear the story of the Creation, as it has been told across the centuries. Thrill to tales of nature’s wonders from modern times back to the days When Rabbits Danced.   

Recorded on location on the Tonawanda Nation Reservation, New York with state-of-the-art audio drama techniques.

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