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An authentic BackPax Book and AudioJourney for children 8+ 

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There's a spectacular show taking place in northwest Wyoming.  Produced by  Earth and directed by Nature, it is called Yellowstone and BackPax takes you there.  Yellowstone:  Nature's laboratory, land of the Absaroka,  "Children of the Large Beaked Bird," and the world's first national park. 


35-minute live-action audio recorded on-location in Yellowstone and Big Sky.  Produced with state-of-the-art audio drama technique.

The sights and sounds of the Yellowstone are here in stereophonic audio splendor - bubbling mud pots, seething geysers, bugling elk and so much more.  The snowcoach revs its motors and we're whisked off through the park's rarely seen winter landscape.  It's an earthly show of supernatural power and beauty.  Tales of the region's Native Americans, the Absaroka; the adventures of a real modern-day Mountain Man and his traveling companion, Stella - the guitar that saved his life; the view is an awe-inspiring one you'll want to recount time and again.   

trailblazing yellowstone.

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1     Winter's Wonderland
2    The World's First National Park
3     The Seasons and Reasons of Yellowstone
4     Newcomers to the Land

5     The Absaroka, Children of the Large Beaked Bird

6     Westward Ho! Adventure by Covered Wagon
7     Meet Walkin' Jim, Modern-Day Mountain Man
8     Life Among the Animals