When Janus Adams’ commentary, “Travel Gear,” aired on NPR with such packable essentials as the “Get-Lost Guide” and the “Wild-Idea Multidirectional Compass,” listeners called in asking for the book.

There was no book then.  With this updated Second Edition, there is now:  

WAY TO GO! The BackPax Parents’ Guide to Empowering Adventurous Young Minds.   


175 pages

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for families.

All Aboard!  Hop aboard this amazing "ride" to the promised land -- freedom. The Underground Railroad: one of history's most extraordinary episodes when people of all ages and backgrounds united in the cause of justice.   And, BackPax takes you there -- following the North Star to the actual scenes where history was made.  This authentic  live-action audio was recorded at historic sites from the Virginias north to Canada.  An extraordinary sound experience featuring state-of-the-art audio drama techniques.


40 minutes

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