this little light of mine.

downloadable eBook: $3.95

THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINEis the true story of the family road trip that inspired BackPax’ Parents’ Choice Award-winning Underground Railroad: Escape to Freedom andSTEAL AWAY. 

BackPax founder, Janus Adams, and her twin daughters pack up their van and go off in search of adventure where the turns and twists they experience en route lead the girls to newfound insight into the past and how they envision their future.

"It’s amazing what can happen when 'adventurous young minds' are free to roam," says Adams.  "That’s what this story is about.  That's what happened to my daughters and me.  Not only did the girls learn about history, they learned a lot about themselves and why -- especially in the most difficult of times -- one must always dare to dream. 

Here's an excerpt: