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Surprising Facts You'll Want to Know
(and share with kids) 

BackPax, our name means a lot.  For travel and adventure, think of a backpack. For a commitment to children and their world, think pax, Latin for peace. 

Janus Adams

* Harambee, a KiSwahili chant, means "let's all pull together!"​

this month's bonus.

​​Dear Friends, Fellow Parents and Educators,

Welcome to the wonderful world of BackPax. ​​ Our Cinco de Mayo celebration is all about surprises.  I know I was surprised by what I learned and I think you will be, too as you'll see in this month's instant download bonus, CINCO DE MAYO: Surprising Facts You'll Want to Know (and share with kids) It's free with your purchase of this month's featured  authentic BackPax audiojourney: Treasures of Ancient MexicoExplore the world of the Aztecs, the Mixtecs, and other Indigenous American societies who built what has become today's vibrant modern society.

​I think you'll also find it a great conversation-starter for a range of talks you've been wanting and needing to have with your children.  You'll also find the sense of wonder, excitement, and pride you're anxious to instill. 

Here's a sample from this authentic BackPax audiojourney--recorded live on-location in Mexico!  Here's a sample:

celebrate! it's the month of Cinco de Mayo..

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