this month's bonus.

​Dear Friends, Fellow Parents and Educators,

Welcome to the wonderful world of BackPax. ​​  Our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15) is all about surprises.  I know I was surprised by what I learned and I think you will be too.

DID YOU KNOW that Mexico inaugurated an African-American president in 1829?  Among his accomplishments, Vicente Guerrero (pictured above)—a general of African, European, and Indigenous American ancestry:

  • * reworked the constitution
  • * outlawed slavery and capital punishment
  • * opened schools and libraries for the poor, and 
  • * declared all people eligible to vote and hold office.    

DID YOU KNOW that the original Mexicans, the Indigenous Native American cultures, are world-renowned for their engineering and architectural skills?  UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has identified more World Heritage sites in Mexico than in any other North American country. 

You'll discover more when you ​EXPLORE this month's featured selection: Treasures of Ancient MexicoThis downloadable triple treat comes complete with our authentic MP3 AudioJourney recorded on-location in Mexico, a fully-Illustrated companion Listening Guide and souvenir Do-It-Yourself poster.    

BackPax, our name means a lot.  For travel and adventure, think of a backpack. For a commitment to children and their world, think pax, Latin for peace. 

Janus Adams

* Harambee, a KiSwahili chant, means "let's all pull together!"​

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